Thursday, June 18, 2009

Times, they are a'changin'...

Author's note: this blog has been reprinted, per Jay Jacot's request, from Sunday, June 7th. All the events recorded here are to the best of my knowledge. I've also made some corrections (again, as per request), so it's a little different, if you've read it before.

Whew! A lot can happen while you're out drinking. I went to a quiet after-party following my church's open house (St. Mary Magdalene's Orthodox Church in Fenton), and missed my weekly meeting with Comics Obscura.

And guess what happened?

They're no longer Comics Obscura!

Yes, friends, the Comics Obscura group and the Comics Obscura publication are now, officially, no longer affiliated. I don't have all the details; but from what I've gathered, the Comics Obscura group no longer exists, and those members formerly of Comics Obscura have now formed their own group, Dark Corner Productions. Comics Obscura, the publication, is still in operation, but the main editor/publisher/shareholder in the operation, one Jay Jacot, has taken full ownership of the Comics Obscura label, which means the members of the group had to take on a different name; hence, Dark Corner Productions. My Vice Presidency of the group (oh, did I mention that? I became Vice President about a week ago! It's actually kind of exciting...) has rolled over to the new group, with one Joe Haines as acting President, and Christy Hans as Treasurer/Head of Merchandise Department.

What are my thoughts on the breakup? Well, neither mad nor glad, just a little relieved. Things had been a little tense as of late: confusion over "ownership" of the group, sudden changes to the submission process for the publication, impatience with the publication process, miscommunication and frustration abounding. Comics Obscura #4 was definitely a turning point for us, highlighting all of our problems; it was uncertain whether the group (by whatever name) could survive. Let's just say I'm breathing a little easier, now that things have come to a head.

I see this turn of events as an opportunity. Our esteemed Editor's contributions to the group cannot be overstated; but the fact is, one man alone could not bear the weight of the group and its sister publication on his shoulders for long, especially with the responsibilities he has taken on at work and at home. The group now has a chance to stand on its own two feet and see what it can do. The group has a long way to go to become a legitimate publisher in its own right, certainly, but from the dramatic improvements I have seen in terms of specific group members deciding to shoulder the burden, I think we can make a go of it. There is a lot of ambition and certainly enough talent in my colleagues; all we need now is a little direction.

But enough. Let us lay aside tomorrow's concerns until tomorrow (or at least until Friday, when the group meets). It is now midnight, and I have a busy day planned tomorrow. It involves Bristol board, ink, and several pairs of navy blue shorts (perhaps it's best not to ask). At any rate, I am plum tuckered out, and, like a college kid with a fistful of foodstamps, feel the need to turn in.

Rick Out.

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