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Last day at work...

One gets that weird apocalyptic feeling on your last day at work, whether you enjoyed the job or not. I admit to feeling a bit weepy, although that may have been the beer I drank at my going-away lunch (check out The Cosmos in Old Town, Lansing if you like great pizza). This also may have to do with the fact that, well, I was just sort of kicked out on my ass by the college...anyway. I've determined not to dwell on it. It's gone, it's done, I got the t-shirt. Time to move on.

I've been sniffing around for graphic design jobs; I even applied at a print shop. I think my best bet is the print shop, between the two. Other than that I've got a couple other prospects lined up, it looks like, plus some good leads on commissions. In the meantime there's always Unemployment, although I hesitate to use it, as they made me pay it all back the last time I went on there...that was 2011, I think? And then two years later it's like, "Psych! That'll be $300.00, pl…

Comics! What a headache...

Yes, comicsfans, once again Rick has overextended himself. Surprise surprise.

Well, not actually...just mentally. Trying to keep too many plates spinning, too many balls in the air, too many metaphors mixing, too many ideas and schemes in my head at the same time. That's perhaps the good thing about spending more time planning things than actually executing them: by exhausting myself with the run-through, I can talk myself out of a potentially expensive misstep.

Basically I'm talking about things I need to do, and things I want to do, and how to distinguish between them. Sometimes it gets a little difficult. I think everyone struggles with this problem to some extent.

Here's what I need to do:

1. Print The Human Cannonball #6 (due out this month).
2. Get ready for SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo).
3. Help Joe edit Bone Boy #4 for April release.

Wow...just three things?! Okay, here's what I want to do:

1. Get money.
2. Get more money.
3. Scheme to get mor…