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Fight or Flight

These past couple of weeks have been...interesting.

Comics Obscura is undergoing a bit of a shakeup; the founding members of the group are at odds with our editor-in-chief, the inimitable Jay Jacot. I can't give any specific details, but suffice to say they're at loggerheads right now, and are going to use next Sunday's meeting as a chance to try and resolve the differences. Hopefully everything will work out to peacefully, and we can get back to drawing comics and having a good time.

Not much to report on my end. I just finished the roughs for Redtooth #2, and am moving on to Redtooth #3. Oh, and did you hear about this? I'm also working on a webcomic. When it will come out, I haven't the foggiest. I'm just doing the art and trying to mind my own business.

The webcomic is called (tentatively, and probably finally) Fight or Flight, and we started very early last year. I'm working with a writer, David "Skippy" Crampton, and his co-conspirator, Aaron M…