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Update 8/31/17


End of post.

But seriously, folks, I'm exhausticated but feeling in good spirits, as sometimes happens: a little slaphappy, a little sore, willing to put up with this crick in my neck just a little bit longer, so as to make the bed-lying so much sweeter. Only thing I wish I had was a bathtub, so's I can take a loooong soak. Maybe some bath beads. And that pistachio-pie looking face stuff with the cucumbers over the eyes. Ya just sink into the hot water till yer butt squeaks against the bottom of the tub. Ahhhhhh

What was I saying?

Yes! Updates. Gotta tell everybody what all's going on in my oh-so-interesting life. Tidbits follow:

1) Job. Job is challenging and sometimes exasperating, but on the whole pretty rewarding (although I keep that quiet around the shop). I feel like the only one who gets a sense of accomplishment at the print shop; everybody else is always kvetching about this and that and the other. Not that I'm Saint Forbearance here or anythin…

Movie Review: On the Road (2012)

On the Road (2012)
Directed by Walter Salles
Screenplay by Jose Rivera
Based on the book by Jack Kerouac The Beats have undergone a second revival in recent years, owing to the questioning and adventurousness of the current generation. With their glorification of the lower classes, drug use, and casting aside of social and sexual norms, the so-called Beat Writers serve as unwitting guides and mentors to a set of young people determined to toss out the rulebook and start over. Say what you want about Millenial motivations for seeking out these writers; the fascination remains deep and profound.
Unfortunately, the true meaning of Beatness has never adequately translated into film. Perhaps it is for the best that its essence is uncapturable, but Hollywood has proven particularly brain dead in its attempts - especially where writing, the main expression of Beatness, is concerned. Kill Your Darlings (John Krokidas, 2013) turned the events surrounding the murder of David Kammerer into a glamor…