Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Disclaimer: I went ahead and deleted that last post...things weren't as "sorted-out" as I thought they were. In fact, one of the parties involved weren't even aware of the events that transpired. If you commented on that post, my sincerest apologies for deleting your words along with it; if you didn't, and are now saying, "What the hell is he talking about?!", don't worry about it. Situation Normal - All F***ed Up.

Rick Out.


Monica Lynne Vallejo said...

I do not blame Christty for her actions nor do I blame Josh for his anger. I dpn't blame them at all..

Monica Lynne Vallejo said...

Sorry for typos.

Jay Jacot said...

Well put Monica.

All is as it will be.

As I said before I'm proud of everyone involved. I wish everyone the best.

-Jay Jacot
"the other party involved"

Avadrea said...

I do want to say that nothing I have done was out of anger at all. All I ever think about is what is best for the group. We where not productive enough for Comics Obsucra. But we still need to stay organized or we will not be productive at all. Jay has deep respect from me. I hope he always knows that.